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web development

  • Architecture and software development, server-side programming and client-oriented web application (Presence, Social Networking, SSO, web services)
  • Design and management of relational databases
  • Management, creation of additional modules, templates and edit the content of blogs and CMS business
  • Develop Facebook Apps
  • Coordination of the work of development teams and project management
  • Continuous collaboration and coordination team of developers for Research and Innovation Projects

ICT managment

  • Good knowledge of ICT at all levels (infrastructure, telecommunications, security, networking)
  • Operating Systems: Linux (all distributions), Windows (all versions), Unix
  • Office software: MS Office (all versions, any application package); Open Office
  • Internet and Networking: excellent knowledge of the Internet and its protocols; good knowledge of networking software designed for Windows and Linux / Unix systems. Good knowledge of Internet, Intranet and Extranet business administration, security, and application virtualization (RES, Citrix, Softricity-Microsoft,…)
  • Other Software: Excellent knowledge of Adobe packages for graphics and programming, good knowledge of software design and brainstorming (MS Project, Visio,…)
  • Programming: excellent knowledge of HTML, PHP and applications WYSISYG to edit the code, excellent knowledge of systems, content management system, both for the online publication of material and textual products / audio-visual and e-commerce, e- Learning and CMR
  • e-Learning and Knowledge Management: Excellent knowledge of the most popular applications for e-learning systems and knowledge management
  • Safety: Excellent knowledge of theories and technical infrastructure and ICT security. High expertise in intrusion techniques and intrusion, including social engineering. High specialization in security penetration testing programs
  • ICT and Business Theory: excellent knowledge of the theories, methods and systems of e-commerce, marketing, project management, knowledge management, content management, change management, process management, risk management, security management, PDM, …

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